Enjoy an exclusive sightseeing elevator and an overview of the elegant landscape feast

2020-07-01  1182

Since the commencement of construction, the construction of Shantou’s east coast state building·Yunwan aluminum alloy doors and windows has progressed rapidly. In addition to the rapid completion of doors, windows, guardrails and other projects, there are also all-glass curtain wall sightseeing elevators located in it, which combine beauty and convenience. , Let the elevator also become a kind of enjoyment.
Open the door and have a view, look at the green garden, and enjoy the first-line beauty. The Guoxia Yunwan Scenic Elevator is manufactured with the same originality and integrates the higher difficulty coefficient of professional technology to open a better and safer tourist elevator mode. Let us work together. Enter the East Coast State

Building·Yunwan Scenic Elevator.
Production: excellent material selection

The sightseeing elevator designed this time uses an all-glass sightseeing glass curtain wall with a unique appearance design and a high safety factor. It is built by a steel structure frame support system. The glass is made of 8+1.52PVB+8 curved white glass bent steel processed by a homogeneous process The homogenization process helps to completely transform the nickel sulfide α phase into a low-temperature stable β phase. The glass released is no longer self-detonating (detonation), which can effectively ensure that the tempered glass has no possibility of self-detonation. Compared with ordinary glass production, arc bending steel technology is extremely difficult. In addition to testing the quality of glass raw materials, it also tests the technical level of bending steel, and excellent bending steel technology will make the safety factor of glass produced higher.
The all-glass sightseeing elevator is intuitive and feels spacious and bright, and the sight is better. This is thanks to the curved all-glass glass curtain wall cover, which makes the Guosha·Yunwan more contain the "leisure" temperament, ingeniously blending the natural scenery and the building. In addition to using the sightseeing elevator for travel, users can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

With a smooth and comfortable riding feeling and elevator scenery from various angles, Xinrongfa strives to bring users a enjoyment, a novelty, and enhance the quality of life from the details. Let the sightseeing elevator integrate with the building and the surrounding environment, not only become a part of the building, but also add a beautiful scenery to the project.