Progress of Zhongyeda Phase II Curtain Wall Project in December

2020-07-01  2407

The headquarters of Zhongyeda Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coast of the South China Sea-the center of Shantou, Guangdong Province. After years of operation and development, Zhongyeda has spread from Shantou to the whole country, with 55 subsidiaries, more than 100 offices and 7 logistics centers. Zhongyeda Phase II curtain wall engineering project is another masterpiece of Xinrongfa after Zhongyeda Phase I door and window curtain wall engineering project.

Overview of progress

The progress of the Zhongyeda Phase II curtain wall project is currently proceeding smoothly. The installation of aluminum panels, curtain wall main buildings and podiums has been completed on multiple floors. The installation of the remaining main building aluminum panel curtain walls is accelerating. Many batches of curtain wall frame materialsand aluminum panels have been shipped Arrive at the site and complete the installation, and the later materials will be delivered to the site one after another in accordance with the construction progress.